Re: Mc Digest, Vol 46, Issue 5

Dnia Monday 25 of February 2008, MK napisał:
Mikolaj Machowski gets some of it:
Don't know how you are calling vim in that scope but you can easily
map something to F10 to quit and change colorscheme.

surprise to me also that vim became the default view (ie. "use internal
viewer=0") although i have no "$VIEWER" defined

I think mc defines viewer as {VIEWER:vi} or compatible - that means use
$EDITOR value or if not defined use vi (usually vim).

"vim" shows up with it's own color scheme (the same as the one i'm
already using); i don't want to "quit" or change anything at that point
(mc included) any more than i would want to adjust my rear view mirror
every time i turn a corner.

Define $VIEWER or View command in bindings as
vim -X --noplugin -c "colorscheme desert" -c "map <F10> :qa!<cr>"

It will load vim with desert (just example) colorscheme and F10 will
quit vim. Note: you may need to escape ! with \ depending on your shell.


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