RE: mc as burning frontend?

Well, now at home i can share with you my MC config...

here it is... my ~/.mc/menu

+ ! t t
@       dir to iso (mkisofs -V volume_name -J -r -o isoimage.iso)
        urxvtc -e mkisofs -V NEW -J -r -o isoimage.iso %f &

s       make symlink in /tmp/burn (mksym)
        mksym %f &

u       wodim -v dev=/dev/cdrom -blank=fast
        urxvtc -e wodim -v dev=/dev/cdrom -blank=fast &

u       dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/downloads/New/isoimage.iso
        urxvtc -e dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/downloads/New/isoimage.iso &


+ f \.cue$ & t r & ! t t
5       Burn BIN/CUE image (cdrdao write --device /dev/cdrom %f)
        urxvtc -e cdrdao write --device /dev/cdrom %f &

+ f \.iso$ | f \.bin$ & t r & ! t t
5       Burn ISO image (burn-cd -m)
        urxvtc -e burn-cd -m %f &

+ f \.iso$ & t r & ! t t
5       Burn ISO image (wodim -v dev=/dev/cdrom)
        urxvtc -e wodim -v dev=/dev/cdrom %f &

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