Format marked blocks

chris glur schrieb:

Now I'd like to be able to apply the Script it to marked bloks in
mcedit -- instead of to whole files.

Is this possible/easy?  If so how ?

                                                     Rolaad wrote:-
]It was once possible, namely in revision 1.118 of
]edit/editcmd.c (which was in the year 2004).
]But due to quick protest, I reverted that change

This facility must be usefull to others too ?
help: Command [of my version of today] tells that
'option to pipe text block thru shell commands like ispell
and indent'.

I'm going to try to just use/modify those existing scripts,
like /usr/share/mc/edit.indent.rc

BTW. related to this it's dissapointing that macros which
use <F4> to replace; stop and ask for the 'search text',
when the macro is called.  The whole idea of using a macro
is to avoid having to enter this text on every search/replace
cycyle ?


== Chris Glur.

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