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chris glur wrote:
Keith Roberts <[42]keith karsites net> wrote:
Well under Fedora and KDE I have 18 desktops running. I can
then use the Konsole program (an X terminal program for
KDE) to open 3 or more tabs, each with a different version
of mc running.

Yes, I use KDE 3? and Konsole [the root one] and the bottom
RHS icon 'initiates' more VT's.  So from the row if 8 icons
I can see I'm in the 5th VT. But to see it's contents, I need
to 'open' it; which causes me to lose concentration.

Do you guys wear capes when you're doing all this? Perhaps not enough coffee is the real problem...

I think the trick is to keep one VT for a specific purpose, so you know what's what, and where to find things easily.


My email Konsole and Firefox is on VT1

Bugzilla's and tmda stuff on VT2

Web development code is on VT3

Phing stuff is on VT4

Browsers for web development are on VT5

VT6-7 are usually spare

Smart Package manager is on VT8

K3b and Kdiff3 for making CD/DVD system backups are on VT9

Apache, PHP, MySQL Manuals are all together on VT10

SysAdmin stuff is on VT11-12

VT13-VT18 are just for general stuff I might be doing at the moment. Generally web browsing or testing out something or whatever.


Keith Roberts


The mind of the prudent is ever getting knowledge, and the
eear of the wise is ever seeking, inquiring for and craving
knowledge. Pr. 18:15 Amp

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