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Keith Roberts <[42]keith karsites net> wrote:
Well under Fedora and KDE I have 18 desktops running. I can
then use the Konsole program (an X terminal program for
KDE) to open 3 or more tabs, each with a different version
of mc running.

Yes, I use KDE 3? and Konsole [the root one] and the bottom
RHS icon 'initiates' more VT's.  So from the row if 8 icons
I can see I'm in the 5th VT. But to see it's contents, I need
to 'open' it; which causes me to lose concentration.
Like having a book with 8 blue-threads for book marks.

At least the 'sequence of threads' can give a clues, because
a book is linear.

Double clicking on the Konsole tab allows me
to rename that tab to something helpfull so I don't get

So where/what is this Konsole tab's location/appearance ?

I'm using KDE 3.5.9 on Fedora Linux. With one Konsole terminal open, hold your mouse over the icon in the lower left hand corner. If you 'click and hold' you should get a menu showing different types of Konsoles to open. Select one of these, and it will open in a new tab. Or just double-click on the Konsole tab button bar to create another Konsole tab.

Double-click on the Konsole's tab name, and a pop-up box will appear. allowing you to rename the tab. So you can open a different instance of mc in each tab, and rename the Konsole mc lives in to something usefull.

There are alot of options that can be configured for Konsole. See the top menu bar. You can change the default font size for mc, by selecting the Font option under 'Settings'.

If you right click on the 'K' menu icon on the KDE taskbar, and select Panel Menu->Configure Panel->Taskbar and enable the sixth checkbox down 'Show window list button' this will give you an icon at the RHS of your last VT. click on this to pop-up a menu list of all applications running in your VT's.

The names of your Konsole terminals running mc should be showing there to help you find them, assuming you have renamed the Konsoles to something helpfull.


Keith Roberts


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