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  On Sat, 2 Aug 2008 14:59:50 +0100 (BST)
Keith Roberts <[42]keith karsites net> wrote:
Well under Fedora and KDE I have 18 desktops running. I can
then use the Konsole program (an X terminal program for
KDE) to open 3 or more tabs, each with a different version
of mc running.

Yes, I use KDE 3? and Konsole [the root one] and the bottom
RHS icon 'initiates' more VT's.  So from the row if 8 icons
I can see I'm in the 5th VT. But to see it's contents, I need
to 'open' it; which causes me to lose concentration.
Like having a book with 8 blue-threads for book marks.

At least the 'sequence of threads' can give a clues, because
a book is linear.

Double clicking on the Konsole tab allows me
to rename that tab to something helpfull so I don't get

So where/what is this Konsole tab's location/appearance ?

   Jes?s Guerrero wrote:-
For me, the natural choice if you want to be with the hands over your
is gnu screen. You can open as many screen windows as you want, and
things between them. There are many ways to copy the selection buffer
to whichever
X buffer you need (for example, binding the thing to xclip or xsel)
You can define a hardstatus line to see where you are, as well.
There's a lot
more about screen that can't be sumed up on a simple mail. For more
subscribe to the relevant mailing list and ask there:
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Yes I tried screen previously.
It's a nightmare for the same reason the mc is a dream:
 no menu or cues !!  And re. mans that list the zillion
options alphabetically: that's like learning a new
language by reading the dictionary, starting from the
first page ?!

And now that I've persevered with this can-of-worms,
I've managed to hang two VTs - even after kill <screen'sPID>.

What we want [like my proper OS: ETHZ-Oberon] is to
1. navigate by mc to the file,
2. view/edit the file by mc,
3. AFTER opening the editor, only then decide to see,
simulteously 3 views of the file, so that we can eg.
in a 'lynx -dump' file:
 A. read the hot-link's description,
 B. 77 lines down, find [by (with Oberon) merely 'wipe' &
hit-search] the correspondingly numbered hot-link's URL;
 C.which we copyNpaste to the top of the file, for later

Ie. we only want to commit to screen after we've entered
mc's edit/view.

So only ETH-Oberon can do these useful HCI-centered tasks ?


== Chris Glur.

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