From Tuxcmd to MC

Hi! I use tux commander for quite a long time, but i start to use
midnight commander too, and im switching between them, for now i use
primary tuxcmd, because its configured perfectly with my custom file
asociations "right-button menu", for organize my files or manage
archives, and i use mc as a filelist of some directory.

But i want to achieve is to fully switch to mc from tuxcmd, and for
that, i need to be able to edit my "menu" file, that way i can have a
list of custom commands for the specific file type, and can menage
filetype asociations, thing i cant do by myself yet, i dont fully
understand the way to customize it.

Does anyone have a custom menu file and asociation file to use as a
base? I want a menu file with a lot of custom commands such as open
with... (Program X) different for each file type, so i dont need to
remember a lot of ways to open files, just select one from the menu with

TNXS! :)

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