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Nothing to add  best than other people already said, but thanks to Pavel Roskin.

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2007/9/9, Justin Zygmont < jzygmont solarflow net>:
On Thu, 6 Sep 2007, Keith Roberts wrote:

> On Thu, 6 Sep 2007, Iain Mac Donald wrote:
>> To: mc gnome org
>> From: Iain Mac Donald <iainjunk freeuk com >
>> Subject: Re: GNU Midnight Commander maintainer
>> On Wed, 05 Sep 2007 14:14:45 +0200
>> "Pavel Tsekov" <ptsekov gmx net> wrote:
>>> I am writing this message to inform you that Pavel Roskin,
>>> the long time maintainer and developer of GNU Midnight Commander,
>>> decided to step down as a maintainer. I hope that you'll join me
>>> to wish Pavel luck in whatever he pursues next.
>> Absolutely! For me MC is the best file manager available on any
>> platform. Thanks to the efforts of Pavel, and others, typing the two
>> letters "mc" in my terminal instantly increases my productivity.
> I agree with that as well - absolutely. mc is the first
> package I install after a fresh upgrade/install of Linux. I
> think mc should also be included on Linux rescue CD's too.
> Vi(m) is a pain for me. AFAIK it has no file or directory
> browsing capabilities like mc.

thats exactly what I do too, i'm almost useless without it.

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