Re: Locking directory panes while cd'ing

On Fri, 19 Oct 2007, Reynir Stefansson wrote:

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From: Reynir Stefansson <reynirhs isl is>
Subject: Re: Locking directory panes while cd'ing

Thus spake Keith Roberts <keith karsites net>:

Hi. Is it possible to have a button that would allow one to
lock directory panes while cd'ing to a new directory tree,
then toggle the button again to unlock the panes please,
once both directory panes are at the required location?

Have you tried Alt-O or Alt-I to synchronise the panes? I think that's
logically compatible with your request.

Reynir H. Stefánsson (reynirhs mi is)

Thankyou for pointing that out Reynir. That is exactly what I need. I guess I need to read the full manual?

From the F1 online help:

Contents->Keys->Directory Panels

Alt-i   make the current directory of the current panel
        also the current directory of the other panel.
        Put the other panel to the listing mode if
        needed. If the current panel is panelized, the
        other panel doesn't become panelized.

Kind Regards



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