Re: copy/rename (edit mode)

Hallo, Felix,

Du meintest am 17.10.07 zum Thema copy/rename (edit mode):

For years I've seen that in X, Shift-F5 & Shift-F6 actually do as
expected. But on the virtual consoles, I've only seen that they do
that when running *ubuntu (and maybe Debian too?). In Fedora,
Mandriva & SUSE on virtual consoles, Shift-F3 is copy with edit
destination name, and Shift-F4 is move with edit destination name.

It's strange, and I have not yet found any structure. Sometimes f11 and  
f12 are taken from the right keys, and f13 is represented by "shift f1".  
And sometimes f13 is represented by "shift f3".

It happens with some keyboards, it happens with some connections under  
Putty. All with the same distribution (Slackware 11.0), on several  
machines. No (simple) system, no (simple) structure.

Viele Gruesse!

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