copy/rename (edit mode)

These are standard:
F5 = copy
F6 = rename/move

To me, the rename is more misnomer than reality, but that's not the issue
here, which is that the edit the filename first process triggered by shifting
these keys isn't the same in all environments. For years I've seen that in X,
Shift-F5 & Shift-F6 actually do as expected. But on the virtual consoles,
I've only seen that they do that when running *ubuntu (and maybe Debian
too?). In Fedora, Mandriva & SUSE on virtual consoles, Shift-F3 is copy with
edit destination name, and Shift-F4 is move with edit destination name. Is
there some config file option I can change to make the behavior in most
distros the same as in *ubuntu? Why is there this ubiquitous difference?
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