Auto-indent for various languages=pretty print

As a long time user of NC/mc I'm keen to use the intended facilities
 of cooledit re. External Formatter.
The ability to enter structure-templates instead of single chars
is the right way to go; and the pretty printer facility is essential.

I'm not a C programmer, and I'd like to make versions for Oberon
[similar to pascal] & soar [an AI system], but it seems that my
ver. 4.6.0 can't quiet get C right yet ?

I don't want to hack-around trying to decode what
file: /usr/share/mc/syntax/c.syntax *EXACTLY* means eg. at line:
  keyword whole linestart \{\s\t\}\[\s\t\]#*\n brightmagenta

I can speculate & confirm eg. by replacing the "{,}" with
"BEGIN,END", that it concerns the 'Block-brackets'.
And probably it's important for the pretty-printing.

Looking at the incomplete efforts at the many <language>.syntax files
shows a waste of effort?

Let's use the wikipedia method: contributors should document their
 efforts so that other can build-on-top-of-it.

Q1- is the latest version able to give a usable 'structure selector'
 & pretty-printer, for at least C ?
It's acceptable if the next-contained-structure must be specifically
 located - provided this usage-knowledge is documented.
We don't want each contributor to re-invent the wheel.

Q2- is there any documentation [other than src code] to describe
 how to write the syntax-file for its 'interpreter' ?

Thank for any feedback,

== Chris Glur.

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