Re: force internal viewer to hex view

On Tue, 20 Nov 2007, Frank Dietrich wrote:


how can I force the internal viewer to start in hex view mode? When I
want to have a quick view into a large binary file, it's annoying when
the viewer starts in ASCII mode. I then only can decide to wait until
the file is loaded and then toggle with F4, wait if mc will quit
because of less memory or kill mc.

Is there any shortkey like SHIFT-F3 for ASCII view?


Speaking purely as a user, I find the following to be true:

View a file with F3, then hit F4. The view changes to hex view/edit.

Close the file.

Open another file with F3. It comes up now in hex view/edit mode, unless you hit F4 which now turns that mode off.

So one suggestion would be to open a small file, hit F4, then exit the small file and open the large one.

Also I would not be surprised if one could change the default mode for opening to be hex mode, but I never tried to do that. Thus, I hope that my little suggestion can get you past a difficult situation without too much trouble, until you get a serious answer from one of the development team.

Theodore Kilgore

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