Re: Bold colors

Maybe it helps you:
I am running mc compiled with s-lang. In xterm the font (tagged items) appear bold in color mode (mc) and the 
same bold font, but just not white on blue when I invoke mc -b.

On my DEC textterminal there is no bold font it seems. Tagged items appear with a bright white background and 
grey font in both, mc and mc -b mode.

Try xterm vs. KDE terminal for comparison, maybe some difference?


On Wed, 18 Apr 2007 19:36:30 +0200
Caj Zell <caj zell swipnet se> wrote:

I have a slight problem with my midnight commander look. I like the fonts when
I disable color, mc -b, but running mc with colors makes the fonts look too
bold for me. I realize this is probably not a mc issue, but maybe someone
could give me hints in the right direction on how to change this anyhow?
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