Re: mc under Eterm

On Mon, 25 Sep 2006, Alessandro Magni wrote:

Pavel Tsekov wrote:
On Mon, 25 Sep 2006, Alessandro Magni wrote:

Hi everybody,
I ran into a problem trying to switch my terminal from Konsole to Eterm:
my beloved mc (GNU Midnight Commander 4.6.1a) is now unable to display
graphic chars,

Is that the MC which comes with FC5 ? If that is the case I suspect
that it is an UTF-8 related issue. It would help if you provide the
output of "mc -V" and "echo $TERM".

thanks for the quick reply!
Yes, it is the FC5 rpm => mc-4.6.1a-12.FC5


# echo $TERM

I'm sorry to be such a newbie not to know what a "UTF-8 issue"  is ... ;-)

Basically, the Fedora rpm (as well as packages from several other vendors)
includes a set of patches which enable MC to work in a utf8-ized environment. Those patches are not part of the original MC code. Anyway,
my guess is that Eterm is not UTF-8 capable. I'd suggest you to set
the LANG environment so that UTF-8 encoding won't be used by MC. For example:

  "export LANG=C" or "export it_IT.ISO8859-1" or "export it_IT"

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