Commander back to GNOME

Hi all,

I'm involved in the resurrected gnome-commander, rather as beta tester, 
not as coder, well, still we work out some ideas together.

The main coders are Piotr Eljasiak ( who once joined the 
project founder Marcus Bjurmann some 5 years ago, and took over the
responsibility for the project now, and as new meber Assaf Gordon 
( who simply dropped in with a good patch 
(actually a complete new module),  just the old way :)

Magnus is the webmaster, responsible for the content as well as the 
nice layout. As professional photographer he is also driving the others 
to implement even more cool professional image stuff into the internal 
viewer.  (And no, i didn't say 'mad' :)

The new gtk-2 gnome-commander builds on gnome-vfs and may become
something like the graphical counterpart of 'midnight-commander',  but
consequently with modern image and network capabilities.
It tries to preserve the most siginificant features of mc: Smart & effective.

It' s a project at the very first stage. gcmd was as good as dead for about 3 
years now, but Magnus and Assaf managed to win Piotr for the idea to 
create a fast and smart 2pane 'geek' filemanager for Linux (so far).

The infrastrucutre, like websites and mailinglists, is up and running.
After the initial relaunch release 1.1.7,  the next release will be 1.2.0,  
new features will be backported from the experimental 1.3 branch. 

I believe the core team would welcome some more coders joining...
It's simply a good point to join the project now !
We equally welcome you as a user/tester, too.




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