Re: The shell is already running a command

Hello Pavel,

On Wed, 8 Mar 2006 15:06:18 +0200 Pavel Tsekov <ptsekov gmx net> wrote:

On Wed, 8 Mar 2006, wwp wrote:

the shell is already running a command.. No, it's not!

I have to say that mc is one of the tools I'm using all day long for
years, and that it's very convenient to my use. But, will we finally get
rid of that irritating bug or maybe I'm alone in the dark :-) ? I
constantly have to return to switch panels off, type CTRL+C (command-line
was empty, not even a white-space), then switch panels on.

This has been discussed to dead already  and there is no easy solution. It
usually happens when one types TAB and bash expects a second TAB to
perform autocompletion. I.e. the cause is user input that doesn't trigger
output from the shell.

Well.. good to know that it's known issue and that we know where it comes
from. Thanks for your prompt reply, Pavel.



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