Re: Fwd: XML extfs

Hello Peter,

Please, calm down a bit . I understand your enthusiasm, but sending
basically the same message to all subscribers of this list three times is
a little bit too much. You will not get the desired attention by simple
wasting bandwidth. I am sure your patch will be reviewed as the time

On Fri, 3 Mar 2006, Peter A. Kerzum wrote:


Sorry, I really dont want to be annoying =)
But is not this interesting at all?
Don't you like extfs idea?
Don't you think about expanding the power of extfs to the entire world
of data formats? Isn't it time to start with a more agresive kind of
extfs initiative? Won't it be nice to 'cd' into the thing you are
working with, be it MOF (Meta object format) declaration, a network
session from tcpdump -w, multipart email message or alike?

Please tell =) I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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Subject: XML extfs
Date: Wednesday 01 March 2006 19:44
From: "Peter A. Kerzum" <kerzum mail ru>
To: mc-devel gnome org

Hi, guys!

Let me contribute XML extfs to stop all those FAR superiority
discussions :). Let me start with a brief announce.

* Requirements
Extfs module is implemented in PERL and requires PERL XML::Simple
module, that is not included in the std distribution. This module (as
any other) could be installed with a single command
perl -MCPAN -e 'install XML::Simple'

* Features
XML Extfs provides consistent read-only XML exploration features:
- Listing of XML document. Attribute values and text content are
included in the listing as part of names (eg: 'attr-name: value' or
'.text: text-value')
- Copyout of attr values, text values and elements. Elements are
copied-out pretty-printed, in 'source' or 'no-attr' forms.

* Bugs and limitations
# - XML elements may be heavily reformatted on copyout
# - Datetimes are not supported, so are file sizes for elements
# - '/' sign in attribute values is unconditionally translated to '-'
# - Low file size limit

Please, let me know what do you think of this?

Peter A. Kerzum


Peter A. Kerzum

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