Re: empty Nl column


On Mon, 24 Jul 2006, Felix Miata wrote:

On some systems I see numbers in this column (e.g. Mandriva), while on
others (e.g. SuSE), this column is always blank. I know links to a file
will show there, but what exactly does Nl stand for, and how to I enable

Nl is abbreviation for Number of links. Search MC's man page for 'nlink'.

numbers to show there? There doesn't seem to be anything that covers it
in the config dropdown menu. In ini I have no idea what most settings
are for. I don't see anything on either.
Mailing list search came up empty too.

It is not user configurable option. It should just work. If numbers do not
show there I guess it's due to some bug. Most likely it is a bug in the
UTF8-ized MC distributed by some vendors. I suggest you to file a bug
report in the bug tracking system dedicated to  your distribution.

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