ftpfs and '.' and '..' directory entries

Hi to all mc's, ;-)

when I access an FTP server which include in the directory
listing the '.' and '..' entries I only see the directory name. When
I change into this directory I only see the directory itself as an
infinite loop.

- on the FTP server exist only the directory /SOURCE 
- cd /#ftp:user ftp_server
- I see the directory SOURCE
- I see only the directory SOURCE again (if I change into this
directory I'm again one the step 'cd SOURCE' above)
- if I copy a file to this directory, it will be saved on the right
place, but it's also not visible in the mc file list
- if I use a normal CLI ftp client and make an 'ls' I see

Maybe the mc stumbles on the '.' and '..' entries? How can I use mc
with ftpfs and such server (I can't change anything on the server

I use the debian stable version of mc (4.6.0-4.6.1-pre3-3sarge1).


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