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Well, you can get the UTF8 patch from the SUSE source RPM. Know though
that  it may require some work to get it working.

On Sun, 29 Jan 2006, B1iff (pituran) wrote:

thanks,  do you know where I could get it?

Pavel Tsekov schrieb:
On Sun, 29 Jan 2006, B1iff (pituran) wrote:

my configurations are:

OpenSuse 10 minimal-installation (text-console only)

from tarball sources:

MC from sources too

By default UTF-8 and german language support are installed.

Do I switch off UTF-8 line drawing works properly. But that can't be the
Do I use the internal Suse rpm installation - everything is ok and MC
use line drawing.

But if I install from sources and start MC after installation i have no
line drawing. Using 'mc -a' works fine but doesn't solve the line
drawing problem.

Do I use the command 'unicode_stop' before I start MC - MC works with
line drawing.

It looks like a font or unicode problem but I have no idea at all.
Suse solves this problem but I have no clue how they do it.

Does anyone have an idea?

Official MC doesn't support UTF-8. There is an independet set of patches
which add UTF-8 support to MC. This set of patches is applied by various
vendors and that's why the MC package that comes with SUSE behaves as
you expect.

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