mc installtion


I have a problem during the MC installation process.

my configurations are:

OpenSuse 10 minimal-installation (text-console only)

from tarball sources:

MC from sources too

By default UTF-8 and german language support are installed.

Do I switch off UTF-8 line drawing works properly. But that can't be the solution. Do I use the internal Suse rpm installation - everything is ok and MC use line drawing.

But if I install from sources and start MC after installation i have no line drawing. Using 'mc -a' works fine but doesn't solve the line drawing problem.

Do I use the command 'unicode_stop' before I start MC - MC works with line drawing.

It looks like a font or unicode problem but I have no idea at all.
Suse solves this problem but I have no clue how they do it.

Does anyone have an idea?

thanks, pituran

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