4.6.1 seem not to be "stable"


tried today 4.6.1 (NetBSD 3.0 port) - the current version seems to be

1. The viewer (<F3>) doesn't work at all. I can only change directory with
   <F3> key, but not to view anything.

2. The editor (<F4>) doesn't work at all.

3. It doesn't allow to issue any commands from the command line. Yes, I can
type something there - but I can't see any eventual results of the command
typed, it's obviously not ran at all.

4. I can't understand the reason of the newly introduced "feature" with
 disabling <Control>-<O> for NetBSD port. I've found an explaining:

   "Ctrl-O works if either the subshell is used or the terminal can save
   the output of the commands so it can be restored.  If neither is
   true, there is absolutely nothing interesting behind the panels!

   Only few terminals support screen saving.  It's xterm, rxvt and other
   xterm-like terminals and virtual terminals on Linux and FreeBSD."

So what? Never mind the screen saving, one rarely needs such "restoration"
of that text, that was below - but quite often one needs just to type the
system command to make something quickly (and see the results).

It's much faster just to "remove" panels for a few seconds, than to exit mc,
change directory, run utility, and then run mc anew. Really, removing
<Control>-<O> for some ports "because of lack of restoration" didn't make
much sense (to me). Could be just done a warning notice in docs "while using
<Control>-<O>, no screen contents restoration on NetBSD, because..." etc.
                                pozdrawiam / regards

                                                Zbigniew Baniewski

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