First of all sorry for top posting =) 
Pavel, you don't understand most usual trouble in whole IT =) 
Chris, to kill shell connection, just 'cd' to local fs and use  
- Command -> Free VFS now OR 
- Command -> Show VFS List -> Free VFS 
(when will we have a shortcut for this? =) 
Next, once Shell link is open, save a bookmark for it with 'Ctrl-\' 
You'll need it sometimes. Then if Shell VFS is misbehaving, just free it and reopen 
bookmark (you should have SSH keys installed in order to avoid password). Be informed 
that 'Shell link' is buggy (especially about permissions) and SLOW. Consider using 
'scp' and 'rsync' from command line. 
Next, when logging in from putty issue 
export TERM=xterm 
(IIRC =) before starting mc. 
And, last but not the list: notes on how to leave vi without reboot -- ESC ESC : q ! 
Enter - consider pressing Enter on a C-source :) 
Hello Chris,  
On Wed, 27 Dec 2006, Chris.G wrote:  
Newbie having a problem with Shell link to old remote server to do a  
migration to new linux server.  
When I go to access shell link, sometimes the popup appears so I cant  
enter the IP address of host I wish to connect to..  
Do you mean that the popup doesn't appear or what ?  
Yes the popup doesnt appear at times.  I have to manually enter  
command line to gain ftp or shell link access.  
Second problem, is when I am logged in, on right window, and I play  
around on left window, I lose my right shell window that displays my  
remote server files.    How do I get this back or keep it there?  
Maybe your left panes is configured to use the "Long file list"  
view. If you want to see the contents on both panels simultaniously  
you can do the following:  
1) Press F9 to go to the menu  
2) Expand the "Left" menu and select "Listing mode"  
3) Select the "Full file list" mode  
yes Full File List Mode is set already. The problem is that since I  
have connected to remote server, from right panel, how do I bring it  
back up or appear when I see right window is displaying again the  
local file system.  Do I need to type in the command line again to  
reconncet to remote server? As you mention below timeout is 900 sec.  
How can I toggle this to make the remote panel appear?  
Is there a way to secure that connection has been closed also when  
this window dissapears for safety?  
The connection is closed automatically when it expires - the  
default timeout is 900 sec and can be configured by changing the  
the value of "fish_directory_timeout" option in your ~/.mc/ini  
On my new linux box, I dont get lines as borders  but I get characters..  
How do you log in into that linux box ? Remote login or local  
login ? What is the value of the environment variable "TERM" ?  
I use remote putty login to connect to my distance server. With same  
putty, I connect to another server and broders display correctly.  Can  
seem to find TERM in putty.  
Петр Керзум.  

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