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On Thursday 21 December 2006 12:04, Wiseman wrote: 
I'd suggest fully configurable key shortcuts (supporting both real 
keys and terminal keys for all cases) for future versions of MC to 
avoid this confusion and allow it to be customized. 
Greeting, Developers! 
I, Peter A. Kerzum, hereby require fully configurable keyboard shortcuts  
to be finally implemented in future versions of mc =) Well, I use mc quite  
a lot as an IDE, and I like it, especially 2 features: 
- mc works well on text terminals and 
- for its intuitive nature, for perfect editor with support for C-Shift-left  
well, I believe, most mc users honour these features and they are the most  
important design decisions - correct me if I'm wrong. We need to understand 
that hardcoded keybindings are the main trouble in search of improvement 
these needful qualities, I guess you thought of it. 
Consider a number of reasons: 
- mc is often run on remote terminals which are often poor 
  * there are editors comands like C-Shift-left that cannot be performed 
        on such terminals at all 
  * this is frequently done by people not familiar with UNIX, neither with 
        ESC-digit sequences, who choose mc as their first step of this acquaintance  
- different needs require different text operations well configured, but editors  
        choice of commands is misleading - some M-letter combinations are  
        builtin while others are free for       macros. 
- most people have 3 dedicated buttons between M and C and they'd like 
        to use them for whatever they do, the same about keypad 
- some people have different idea of what intuitive is 
It would be really nice if comands be associated not only with key-codes  
(as is the case with learn keys) but with sequences of codes. This way we 
could use multikey sequences and provide stuff like 'emacs C-x command 
 set config' or 'M-alphanumeric comand set'. You know what I mean =) 

On 12/20/06, I. B. <ig3v10 gmail com> wrote: 
have interesting observation 
i ssh into several machines with the same nfs mounted home directory. 
on one host i am not getting filename put to the command prompt when 
"CTR-Enter" pressed. 
does anyone knows what is that about? 

thanx a lot 

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Петр Керзум. 

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