Re: mc bug ?


On Thu, 15 Sep 2005, Reynir Stefansson wrote:

From: /dev/rob0 <rob0 gmx co uk>

On Tuesday 2005-September-13 02:15, Maurice Beckles wrote:

trying the ctrl-o option to see if I could use my shell while having
mc suspended. However when I switched back to the shell it freaked
out and would not allow me to enter any commands and also gave me an
error when I went back to mc.

The shell is busy. This is a feature. Yes, it is annoying but when you
understand it you don't have this problem.

In mc hit Ctrl-o again. Hit enter, in the shell. Ctrl-o to get back to
mc. All done.

I haven't looked at the code yet, so I'm merely guessing that mc detects
busy-shell by looking at keystrokes before passing them to the shell. That
could explain why leafing through history flags busy if you don't finish
with a newline.

Please, search all available resources to find the necessary information
before posting. This subject has already been beaten to dead.

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