Re: mc bug ?

On Tuesday 2005-September-13 02:15, Maurice Beckles wrote:
I think I found an error with mc.


(By the way I am a newbie) I was

Of course you are. You are posting graphical screen shots of text-mode 
screens to a mailing list. You are running as root in those. You are 
proclaiming a bug to the **developers' list** when in fact you have a 
simple and probably documented usage issue!

I say it's "probably documented" because in truth I am not all that 
familiar with mc documentation. I have been using mc for years and 
occasionally have looked things up in the online help, but mostly it 
Just Worked for me. And your particular issue, I learned about through 

I'm not a newbie in the common sense ... 5-6 years in GNU. But even as 
newbie, my first thought when something went wrong was that I was doing 
something wrong. Rarely have I thought I found a bug.

trying the ctrl-o option to see if I could use my shell while having
mc suspended. However when I switched back to the shell it freaked
out and would not allow me to enter any commands and also gave me an
error when I went back to mc.

The shell is busy. This is a feature. Yes, it is annoying but when you 
understand it you don't have this problem.

In mc hit Ctrl-o again. Hit enter, in the shell. Ctrl-o to get back to 
mc. All done.

After closing mc and going back in the problem stopped.
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