Re: tgz - "no space left on device" on "managed server"!

On Saturday 2005-September-10 03:37, Dampz, Joachim wrote:
It is not possible to view tgz-archives bigger than 256MB.
I presume this is due to the fact that the /tmp directory has only
this size.


Is it possible, with any parameter, to use another working direcory
than /tmp?

I'm going to guess bash shell here. If you use a different shell you 
should also know how to look things up for yourself. With bash:
    export TMPDIR=$HOME/tmp
TMPDIR should be a directory which 1. exists; and 2. in which you have 
rwx permissions. Have this set before you start mc. (You might want to 
make a shell alias for mc, or include this is a script to start mc.)
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