Re: /#ftp:foo host not working from hotlist

--- Leonard den Ottolander <leonard den ottolander nl> wrote:

Hi M.K.,

Works just fine here (using a recent MC_4_6_1_PRE, also works in
What version of mc are you using? Are your proxy and connection mode
settings correct? No warning or error whatsoever?

Wow, major, and I mean MAJOR thinko on my part: upon closer inspection
for the umpteenth time, I noticed that what I thought was the address,
was actually just the *label*... the address it was pointing to was my
home directory on local machine.  The reason I didn't notice was that I
always attempted to do the hotlist invocation from my home dir, hence
nothing appeared to be changing.  The wierd thing was I've done this
test around 10 times now, every time doing it the same way, and every
time missing the same clues.

I think the whole thing started when I decided to try out a /#ftp link
in the hotlist, so I went to the hotlist and hit... "A" for "add".  Was
utterly blinded to the word "current" following it; a case of user
expectation leading to overly quick parsing of options.  I think the
layout in that screen of the options is a bit weak.  I realize  that
such evaluations are to a large extent subjective, so take the
following with a grain of salt.  To my eyes a better layout of options
in the hotlist screen would be if "New Entry" and "Add Current" were on
the same line, and named in a similar fashion; both these changes would
strongly hint at the close relationship, similarity between these two
actions; e.g.: "Add" and "Add Current"...   As is, there is no visual
indication the two options do nearly identical task; one has to
actually parse and interpret the words to realize this nature.

Anyhow, my 2c.

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