quick view and user defined view


I'm currently using mc 4.6.0

I'd like to view the contents of files with extension ".x" with a program called "xviewer" (I'm currently developing on this). It will display some informations about those .x files in ascii format.

Thus I have added some line in the extension file like this:
  View=%view{ascii} xviewer %f

This all now works fine when I select a file and view it by pressing F3. As I have many directories full of .x files I'd like to browse through these directories and see the output of xviewer with one of the panels in mc switched to the "Quick view" mode. However Quick view does not honour my extension file and displays the raw contents of the .x files.

Is mc able to use "view" actions from the extension file in Quck view panels? Is my version too old to do so? Or do I have to configure something which I overlooked yet?

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