mc-2005-05-21-03: Segfault


 I have a mysterious problem:

 I compiled mc as well with my build script:

   unset CFLAGS
   unset CXXFLAGS
   proj=$(basename `pwd`)
   ./configure --prefix=/usr --disable-nls \
   --without-gnome \
   --without-ncurses \
   --with-screen=slang \
   --with-subshell \
   --with-gpm-mouse && \
   make && sudo paco -lp "$proj" "make install"

 as weel with a plain './configure --prefix=/usr'. I tried to move my
 personal ~/.mc/. out of the way.

 But regardless, what I am doing, mc segfaults directly after
 starting. No other action prior to the segfault has been noticed.

 Does something fundamental has changed ? What did I wrong ?

 Thank you very much for any help in advance!


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