File exists: duplicate key accel; and a feature request

Hi there!

I've noticed a long standing duplicate accel when mc asks if a copied file
has to override an already existing one.

The dialog's title is: File exists
The questions: Overwrite this target ? Y N A
               Overwrite all targets? A U N I
See how 'A' is twice possible.. but pressing A does the second one.

BTW I would like to submit a feature request..

When a file I/O error is encountered (several possible reasons as for
instance: not being able to set permissions when copying a file from ext2 to
vfat, but it could be any read or write error), we get a Skip/Retry/Abort
dialog. Would it be possible to add a [skip All] that would skip all further
errors that match this one? That would be really user-friendly, IMO.



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