Re: undelete files

On 2005-01-14 (Friday) 17:28, Donofrio, Lewis wrote:
On 2005-01-13 19:38:14 +0200, Mahdi H wrote:
How can I undelete a file in fedora1 with mc or if there is 
another program for recovering fedora files please send for me ?
Thank you in advance 


What is the filesystem your using

try the following links for ext2(ext3 is just ext2 with journaling):

    "ext3 is just ext2 with journaling"... and without the ability to
undelete anything. I erased some photos by mistake 3-4 months ago and
google told me: "If you use ext3 and want to undelete anything, then
you need an oracle.", sorry, there's no way... and FC1 uses ext3 by
default... You can find the details why is that on the kernel devel
mailing list.

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