Jedit and MidnightCommander (fwd)

I'm forwarding this to the apropriate mailing list though
this is not an MC issue. Just a hint - maybe you should
investigate whether JEdit has an option that allows to open
files in an existing instance.

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Date: Tue, 05 Oct 2004 14:53:33 +0200
From: sting sting <zstingx hotmail com>
To: mc-devel gnome org
Subject: Jedit and MidnightCommander


My aim is taht when pressing "Enter" while in MC we will open a text file
with JEdit.
(On Linux).
Following a post in this list I had updated my .binding file so it contains
now 2 additional lines:
        Open=jedit %f

It does open the text file in JEdit when pressing Enter button while in MC;
the problem is
that if there is one instance of JEdit running, it does not open it in that
instance, but opens
a new instance. Is there a way to avoid opening a second (and third, and so
on) instance ?

JEDit is relativel heavy (written in Java) so this poses a memory burden and
takes time


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