Re: mcedit with emacs keybindings

On Tue, 27 Jan 2004, Paul Seelig wrote:

I'm using both emacs and mcedit with emacs keybindings on a regular
basis. And regularily it happens to me that when i'm editing a text in
mcedit and i press ctrl-g it simply exits without saving any changes.
That's particularily annoying when you've written quite a lot without
manually saving the file used... :-/

This is no emacs behaviour at all and should definitely be changed.
Emacs doesn't exit on ctrl-g and mcedit should behave the same.

The fix for existing without saving is in CVS for several months.  It's
one of the most important fixes in the upcoming version 4.6.1.

If you have an idea what Ctrl-g should do in the emacs mode please let me
know.  It's not realistic to make it work exactly as in emacs (i.e.
cancel key sequences) without major changes in the key processing code. If
you want, Ctrl-g will not be recognized at all in the emacs mode.

Pavel Roskin

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