Re: modify internal viwer colors

On Wed, 21 Jan 2004, raptor wrote:

why when I start mcedit with the following options it works, so I set it as alias :

 mcedit --colors editnormal=,default

but when i use F4 the old mcedit options are used, which config file i have to look for ?!

The viewer uses the same colors as the panels.  This should be fixed
eventually, but doing so would break large pieces of the existing

There is one undocumented color option "viewunderline" that sets the color
for "underlined" text in the viewer.  Try this:

mc --colors viewunderline=brightmagenta

Then press F2 + m and enter "mc".  You'll see some words highlighted by
the bright magenta color.  The rest of the colors only changes together
with the panels.

Pavel Roskin

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