Re: emacs -nw as external editor

Heiko Gerdau wrote:
On Saturday 03 January 2004 07:55, Eddy Mulyono wrote:

I wanted to use emacs as mc's external editor. But I prefer having the
non-X interface that is invoked with "-nw".

I have managed to change my EDITOR to "/usr/bin/emacs -nw", since `echo
${EDITOR}` gives me "/usr/bin/emacs -nw".

When i started mc, and tried to invoke the editor with [F4], emacs is
not executed. mc appeared to try to execute it (similar effect achieved
when pressing C-o), and the cursor goes to top-left of the terminal
(0,0), but it immediately returns to mc's panels.

Note that without the -nw switch, mc was able to invoke emacs. So I
guess the -nw switch breaks things... :p

Any suggestions?

as a workaround you could call a bash script in $EDITOR to envoke emacs with -nw.
That works for me.

Works for me, too! Thanx!


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