Re: ftpfs and ftp-symlinks

Quoting raptor <raptor tvskat net>:


I'm tring to browse ftp-links but they point to directories on my hdd instead
to ftp directories so I have to do :

cd directory

instead of just <ENTER>..
Because there is no such dirs on my hdd the symlinks are red-colored in
format :


You are making it hard to reply to your questions if you don't specify the exact
version of GNU Midnight Commander.  Even if you mentioned it before, other
subscribers are not supposed to check the archives and do the research for you.

Also, there is not enough information about the symlinks.  Every symlink has a
target, which can be absolute or relative.  It would be helpful if you provided
the exact targets of the symlinks.

Some symlink problems were fixed in version 4.6.1-pre1.  There are known symlink
problems in 4.6.0 and older versions.  Please upgrage if you didn't upgrade

Pavel Roskin

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