Re: SCP/SSH from MC?

Try replying to the mailing list (mc gnome org). The mailing list is
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Is this a bug or a feature?

On Wed, 2004-12-08 at 20:59 -0500, Donofrio, Lewis wrote:
From a pclinuxos (mc 4.6.0)

Cannot chdir to /#sh:root 192 168 0 1

Hm... do you have SSH setup properly at

Fish: disconnecting from ???

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On Wed, 2004-12-08 at 13:43 -0500, Donofrio, Lewis wrote:
Ok cool folks, I was saving this but here it is:

How do I scp/ssh from MC?


Press [F9] (pull-down menu).
Select either "Left" or "Right" from the menu bar.
Select "Shell link..." from the pop-up sub-menu.
In the text field, enter "/#sh:" + user + '@' + host; e.g.
"/#sh:eddy box"
Near the command line, SSH will prompt for password. Key in your
You should now see the "remote" system in the Left/Right pane.
To copy a file, press [F5].
... it should be straight forward from this point forward.

Hope that helps,

PS: RTFM for more

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