Re: Maintenance question

Hello Pavel,

On Thu, 2004-08-19 at 22:47, Pavel Roskin wrote:
I cannot be a single maintainer of GNU Midnight Commander anymore.

If somebody is seriously considering sharing the burden of maintaining GNU 
Midnight Commander, please write me and I'll assist you in getting access 
to the website, mailing lists and administrative privileges on

Before handing over (some of) the responsibilities for the project maybe
you could present us with an overview of the current state of affairs.
People might be more willing to help out if they know what is expected
of them. F.e:

What are the tasks/responsibilities that need to be fulfilled? I can
think of mailing list administration, bugzilla administration, patch
review, development. With regard to administrative tasks, are there any
OS related tasks that need to be done (software installation)?

Current access rights: Lately two people have popped up that appear to
have CVS commit rights: Pavel Shirshov and Roland Illig. Are there other
people with CVS commit rights? What have been the criteria to grant
these people commit access? Please give us an overview of all CVS
committers and people with bugzilla rights.

Code of conduct: Are there any explicit or implicit rules on how people
should exercise their rights? F.e., I believe the tasks of coding and
committing should be kept somewhat separated. At least people with CVS
access should not commit their own patches without them being reviewed
by others.

Infrastructure: The various midnight commander related pages seem to be
scattered around a bit:
mc & mc-devel gnome org
Are there any more?

Current state of development: Which developers are currently working on
which parts of the list? Who are the
current developers?

Please add any omissions in the above overview.

I intend to continue to contribute to the project as much as I can.  I 
think it's primarily the sole responsibility for the project that is 
weighing on me now.

That would be nice. Some occasional input on various matters would be
much appreciated.

As I have let you know before I am willing to share *some* of the above
tasks. I wouldn't mind administering the mailing lists (I have some
experience with mailman). Also I want to do some work on bugzilla
(following up on bug reports, reviewing patches and proposing solutions
to developers/committers). Maybe some coding as well.

I hope you can spend a little time discussing these matters and
informing us of your experiences maintaining the project (suggestions,


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