Re: same directory on both sides

On Tue, 16 Mar 2004, Felix Miata wrote:

arbonne5 gmx net wrote:

Am Dienstag, 16. M?rz 2004 11:17 schrieb Fabian Braennstroem:

is there any keybinding to change the right side to the same
directory as the left side? I want to use that to rename a file
quickly. Right now I have to type the whole path to rename a file.
Maybe, there is a faster way?

To rename a file use Shift-F6

What's the trick to make that work? Absolutely nothing happens when I do
that in 4.6.0.

It's very hard to support such keys in all terminals.  Perhaps your
terminal doesn't produce anything when Shift-F6 is pressed.  Try recent
xterm or rxvt is you can.

My favorite OFM, which isn't available on *nix, automatically goes into
rename mode on F6 when only one panel is visible. Is there some way to
cause that behavior in mc?

If we have "Advanced Options" dialog some day, it may be added there.
The current behavior is to suggest copying to the hidden panel, which is
reasonable in my opinion, especially if Shift-F6 can be used to override
this behavior.

Pavel Roskin

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