Re: xterm, mcedit,ctrl-insert (again)

On Thu, 25 Sep 2003, hugo vanwoerkom wrote:

I apologize if this subject has been covered
already, but I only found this link:

Sorry, I was terse because I'll rather work on the permanent solution.

With mc 4.6.0 under Debian unstable and xterm and mcedit, I can mark
text with F3 and I can copy to the clipboard with C-f, (but not with
C-insert) but to paste:

Shift-insert produces a "p" on the screen

I personally think that Shift-insert is better to use for pasting from X
clipboard, which xterm does by default.  But if you disable it in xterm,
you need to tell mc how to recognize the sequence.

There have been many sequences hardcoded since version 4.6.0.  They will
go to a text file eventually, but the correct format of ~/.mc/ini doesn't
allow to represent them properly.

Shift-F5 does nothing.

Learn keys should help.

Shift-del produces an "n", does not cut.

Learn keys may help if this key combination produces a unique escape
sequence and you have X11 support compiled in.

The answer by Pavel to use "learn keys" I don't understand where he says
"select insert", I don't have an insert but an "insert key". If I select
"insert key" and use C-insert, I never get an OK.

I meant the "Insert key" button in the "learn keys" dialog.  It's normal
that you don't get an "OK" for Ctrl-Insert, but you should get it if you
press the Insert key alone.

If someone could give me a reference to where this subject is covered, I
would appreciate it.

This is a mess and it was a bigger mess in 4.6.0.  To write a better
"learn keys" dialog, we need more powerful dialog code.

Pavel Roskin

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