xterm, mcedit,ctrl-insert (again)


I apologize if this subject has been covered
already, but I only found this link:


With mc 4.6.0 under Debian unstable and xterm and
mcedit, I can mark text with F3 and I can copy to
the clipboard with C-f, (but not with C-insert)
but to paste:

Shift-insert produces a "p" on the screen
Shift-F5 does nothing.

to cut:

Shift-del produces an "n", does not cut.

The answer by Pavel to use "learn keys" I don't
understand where he says "select insert", I don't
have an insert but an "insert key". If I select
"insert key" and use C-insert, I never get an OK.

If someone could give me a reference to where
this subject is covered, I would appreciate it.



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