Re: colors and keys in MC and xterm

On Tue, 9 Sep 2003, Vyacheslav Filyayev wrote:

I have ASP-Linux9 (RH based) on my PC (Celeron450, Windows-compatible
keyboard). I am using xterm and MC. I had a problem with keyboard in
xterm (<ENTER> on numeric pad doesn't work (displays "M" instead of
<ENTER>) in the MC when it launched by xterm).

It's a side effect of setting a the application keypad mode so that mc
could distinguish between keypad "+" and the normal "+" (and also some
other keys).  You can fix it by adding this to your ~/.mc/ini:


If you have the "terminal:xterm" section already, just add the second
line.  I've committed a patch to CVS that makes mc recognize all keypad
keys in the application mode.  Thank you for your report!

Using README.xterm I've tried to follow their recommendation and
launched "tic xterm.ti". As a result I have not solved the problem but
add new one: my MC become colorless. I can't anymore discover the docs.
Please help me. What should I do to recover my previous TERMINFO files
(I mean to recover colors) and to solve a problem with my keyboard?

It was just recently discussed that xterm.ti and some other files need to
be removed because they are obsolete.

If you ran tic as ordinary user, remove ~/.terminfo directory.  If you ran
tic as root, reinstall terminfo.

Pavel Roskin

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