Re: Midnight Commander 4.6.0: Menu "FIles"->"chOwn". Bug or feature ?

On Thu, 28 Aug 2003, Antony Y. Bolotin wrote:

Hello :)

I have my own authorization system, based on NSS mechanism of "glibc" and SQL
database. So I have not any records in "/etc/passwd", "/etc/group" and
"/etc/shadow" files for some users. All programs (like chown, ls, login etc.)
works with it correctly. But "mc" does not show those users and groups.

You didn't explain where you don't see those users and groups.

I think it read "/etc/passwd" and "/etc/group" directly instead of using
"getpwent" and "getgrent" functions calls. Why ? It's a bug or a feature ? If
it's a feature, how it can work with NIS ?

No, as you can see in the code, mc uses getpwent and getgrent.

Some data is cached and then used in the file listings.  Try using File ->
"Advanced chown" from the menu and see if the usernames are shown there.

Pavel Roskin

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