Re: MC not exiting to current directory after upgrade - I've read the manual ...

On Fri, 17 Oct 2003, Cor wrote:

I just upgraded from 4.5.55 to 4.6.0

With version 4.5.55 it was sufficient to add 'source
/usr/lib/mc/bin/' to my /etc/profile in order for mc to exit in the
current dir.

In the man of mc-4.6.0 I read that in order for mc to exit in the
current dir I need to add 'source /usr/share/mc/bin/' , which I

Still mc exits in dir it was started from - (

In version 4.6.0, mc is a shell alias.  In older versions it was a shell
function.  "set" shows all shell functions in addition to variables.  If
you still have the "mc" function, unset it by "unset -f mc" and see where
it was defined.  Also make sure that you have the "mc" alias by running
"alias".  "type mc" in bash shows what is run when you type "mc" in the
command prompt.

Pavel Roskin

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