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is the --datadir a option when i execute mc? Can you tell me what the syntax of it is, i couldn't find anything on it!

Thanks for all your help!


On Tuesday, October 7, 2003, at 02:36 PM, Pavel Roskin wrote:

On Tue, 7 Oct 2003 russurquhart1 comcast net wrote:

I was able to compile mc 4.6.0 to my mac under OS X! Thanks for
everybody's help!

My question now is that i have a laptop, running OS X, and i'd like to
have mc running on it. Instead of re-compiling everything to that
machine, can i copy the binares,etc to this laptop? If so, what path
specific files do i need to be aware of? (The location, for me, should
be almost the same. My current machine is /User/russur, my laptop is

You can use the DESTDIR variable to capture all the required files.  In
the mc source directory, run "make install DESTDIR=/tmp/mc-bin" and all
the required files will be installed under /tmp/mc-bin. You can pack them
and unpack on another machine.

If you are changing the path to the files (e.g. from /User/russur/bin/mc to /User/russ/bin/mc), use the "--datadir" option to mc to tell it where
the supplementary files are.  You may want to use an alias or a shell
wrapper to set this option every time.

If not, and i have to re-compile, which version of glib is recommended?

Better use the already installed version.  If you don't have any, glib
1.2.x is easier to install than 2.x.  mc 4.6.0 doesn't use any
functionality not present in glib 1.2.x.

Pavel Roskin
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