Re: Help me to install file.gz on Sun


I suggest you to take precompiled package for Sun. 
So take Midnight Commander package
take SHAbzip2.tar from the same place and install bzip2,
then unarchive MC package with SHAbzip2.tarit and install it 
with the normal procedure of package installation on Sun.

Another possibility: you can take precompiled version from:
, uncompress it and manually 
put into appropriate directories.


--- Nguyen Huu Van <vannh elcom com vn> wrote:
Hi Mr 
I want to install mc on Sun Sparc And download
mc-4.5.9-sol8-sparc-local.gz from 
Step1 : 
    I copy this file to /export/home/myname/InstallDir/
   After execute the following command:
       #  gunzip mc-4.5.9-sol8-sparc-local.gz

    In the directory 
        /export/home/myname/InstallDir/ I already have only file

 Step 2:
     I execute the following commands:
    #cd /export/home/myname/InstallDir/ 
    #make install 
And result is bash: make : command not found.

Step 3: In fact , I have never install a file.gz in Solaris. So I
think perhap I wrong when I am doing install. Please show me the
order to install a file.gz . Specialy is stall
   Thank you very much
   Abort my Incorrect English
    Huu Van

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