Re: panelized items can't be deleted.

On Tue, 4 Nov 2003 russurquhart1 comcast net wrote:

Actually I was looking for all occurrences of the file finder.dat. I did
a find for 'finder.dat'. While the file did occur in directories, the
containing directories was not selected for deletion.

If you want a better answer, describe a test case so that it can be

My test was finding all occurrences of finder.dat. I would suggest
looking for a file that exists in all directories and feed that to its
own panel.

I suspect you had a very long directory name, which caused buffer
overflow.  The existing code assumes that path names cannot exceed a
certain length, which is not true on modern operating systems.

I cannot reproduce the problem as described by you, but I can reproduce a
bigger problem - mc hangs after I run this script from mc for some time and
then interrupt it:

while :; do mkdir dir; cd dir; done

Pavel Roskin

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