Re: MC Installation Nightmare!

On Fri, 16 May 2003, Alexander Kerr wrote:

The Sun OS binary you keep for midnight commander on - why did
you have to use pkzip or whatever to zip the archive - PLEASE can you
recompress using gzip.

Done.  Unfortunately, the FTP directories are under maintenance now
(snapshots are busted for the same reason, sorry) and I cannot update
them, so I put the binary here:

It is a bloody nightmare trying to get the files out when you've only
got gzip on your system!!!

I've heard that unzip is one of the most portable C programs.

This is a BIG usability problem, i.e. I can't use your software because
of this. Yes, I've tried compiling the source, and huge probs there
also. Fix please!

The sources are supposed to compile.  I cannot fix the sources without a
proper bugreport.

Pavel Roskin

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